Corrugated PVC Sheeting

Corrugated PVC Sheeting

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12x2ft Super Heavy Corrugated

Plastic Sheeting 1.3 mm

  • Clear PVC sheet with corrugated profile.
  • Clear PVC sheet with corrugated profile.
  • Nominal size 12 x 2Ft.
  • Sheets are 660mm (0.66 metre) wide, gives a coverage of 600mm per sheet allowing for overlap.
  • Suitable for farm buildings, sheds, shelters and traditional housing.
  • Usually used to get extra light into dark areas e.g. garden sheds , garages or to construct a propagation shed for your shrubs or vegetables.

Storage Instructions for PVC Corrugated Sheets
 Store PVC sheets on horizontal flat surfaces, pallets or wooden bearers with flat surfaces at
least 100mm wide placed at centres not exceeding 900mm.
 Storage should be indoors as far as possible.
 Where PVC is stored outdoors it must be protected from the sun, wind and water.
 Cover securely with an opaque waterproof cover draped over timbers placed on the top of
the stack and ensure that the stack is ventilated to prevent heat build-up.
 Never stack more than 1.2m high.
 Sunlight is magnified in passing through even a few uncovered stacked sheets, increasing
their temperature and leading to distortion and degradation.
 Water between the sheets accentuates these processes.