2400x1200x9mm Xtreme Tile backer board

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Designed for the application of all tile types, cement based screeds and renders. Due to its composition, it performs well in wet areas and areas prone to humidity, such as behind shower walls and under bathroom floors. Ideal applications include: bathrooms wet rooms/shower rooms, kitchens, swimming pools, saunas.

Features & Benefits

- A1 Fire Rated, Non-combustible

- Thermal Value, reduces heat loss (Thermal resistance coefficient is 1.14m2k/W.)

- Can be used over underfloor heating

- Sound Insulation

- Waterproof

- Environmentally Friendly

- Easy To Install

- Freeze-Thaw Tolerant

- Resistant to Mould

- Extremely Durable,I mi pact Resistant

- Silica Free - no dust articles making it safer for the installer.


Can be scored and snapped easily to shape using a standard utility knife, thereby not requiring the use of specialist tools.It is also very lightweight material making it easier to handle and install in tight bathroom and wet room areas or in limited spaces.

Although lightweight, the material is incredibly durable and will hold a combined hanging weight of tiles and adhesive up to 100Kg/m2.

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